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Flame Painted Pendant Floral Design

Flame Painted Pendant Floral Design

Excluding Sales Tax

This design features a flower and the colors are oranges, yellows, blues and greens and has a 2 inch diameter.

The hand drawn copper design acts as a "resist." The etching process (copper sulfate soluton and electrical current) etches the background away creating high and low areas. I then clean the shape, flame paint it and carefully buff out the high spots. It is then domed and protective coatings are applied.

All the flame painted copper designs are one-of-a-kind and reflect different colors, depending on what you are wearing. 

Protective coatings on front and back prevent tarnishing and scratches on the copper.

Simply delicately wipe clean with a little warm soapy water if needed.

  • Videos for product information

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    • Visit the bottom of my Home Page for videos on how to wear Elegant Ear Cuffs and watch me Flame Paint.
    • Learn about my Upcoming Events where you will have the opportunity to try on ear cuffs and select from a much larger variety of jewelry designs.
    • Have a question or wish to place a custom order? Go to my Contact Page.
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