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Sterling Silver and White Austrian Pearls Ear Cuffs, Pair

Sterling Half Size Ear Cuffs with White Austrian Pearls

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Introducing our Sterling Half Size Ear Cuffs with White Austrian Pearls, the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Made with high-quality sterling silver and the finest white Austrian pearls, these ear cuffs elegantly cover your ear lobes and provide a unique and trendy look. The bottom swirl fits snugly over your ear hole, allowing you to wear studs or hoop earrings through the holes. These ear cuffs are not only fashionable but also practical, as they help to take the weight off your ear lobes if you have stretched ear holes. Wear them alone or pair them with other jewelry for a complete look.
  • Packaging

    Each design comes in a chocolate box made from 100% recycled materials and made in the USA.

  • Additional Information

    For more information, visit these web pages:


    • Visit the bottom of my Home Page for videos on how to wear Elegant Ear Cuffs and watch me Flame Paint.
    • Learn about my Upcoming Events where you will have the opportunity to try on ear cuffs and select from a much larger variety of jewelry designs.
    • Have a question or wish to place a custom order? Go to my Contact Page.
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